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Delegate Comments & Feedback

Delegate Comments

A sample of some of the many comments that Martin receives for his training content and delivery style.

Advanced Sales

"Good pace, plenty of discussion time, Martin was very focused on making it relevant"

"This course was very worthwhile and relevant to the responsibilities of my day to day job"

"Re-evaluated my sales techniques, recognising the "buying process" and influencing customers to buy from me"

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I felt that it has improved my sales techniques" 

Leadership Essentials

  • "Very positive and specific to our needs"

  • "The course was concluded in an enjoyable fashion so that we came up with ideas we already had without necessarily realising it"

  • "Extremely good day, valuable information gained"

High Performing Teams

  • "I thought the course was a worthwhile exercise and will help drive the company forward"

  • "Very enjoyable and thought provoking"

  • "Very good, explained well, nice to be split into groups and share ideas"

  • "I now understand what we want to be and where we want to go as a team"

Fighting the Direct Lenders

  • "Good informative course"
  • "Freshened my old skills, brought to my attention some new ideas of offering financial products"
  • "Teaching me not to just go for the throat, softer approach with better qualification"
  • "Learnt valuable tools to improve my finance penetration"
  • "Very good practical demonstrations"
  • "Very informative day-we can compete!"
  • "Extremely useful and productive day"

FSA Compliance

  • "A better understanding of the new FSA guidelines"
  • "More confidence dealing with customers about insurance products"
  • "Martin made it easy to understand the new procedures"

Finance Sales Skills

  • "I enjoyed the course and found Martin to be very knowledgeable and approachable. He was happy to and good at sharing his experience with us"
  • "Extremely knowledgeable about subject matter. Course was right pitch and pace."
  • "Invaluable to me - thank you Martin"

Sales Process Training

  • "Martin is very knowledgeable and accomplished trainer with an excellent learning technique"
  • "An excellent two days. Time was certainly not wasted"

Building Client Relationships by phone

  • "Very professional and encouraging. Even though I was out of my comfort zone Martin en-couraged me"
  • "A much more useful training session than I thought it would be"
  • "Very motivating, lead extremely well by Martin who was sensitive to all our different aims"
  • "Whole experience was well worth the time. Well thought out and very well paced for the whole class"

Personal Contract Purchase and Insurance Sales Process

  • "Well presented and very understandable"
  • "From  the start to finish of the course I felt that Martin genuinely wanted to improve my skills and I was totally at ease learning from him"
  • "To the point, very relevant to my job and I was treated as an individual"