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Terms & Conditions

THIS AGREEMENT is made the (“the client”) and Rapport Training Ltd of 7 Tentergate Avenue, Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, HG5 9BQ. (“The Consultant”).

(A) The Client wishes to have a study/report made into the provision of or preparation of specific training services to themselves or their customers.
(B) The Consultant has represented that he is an expert in the carrying out of such studies and training services.


The Consultant shall carry out a Study in accordance with the terms of this Contract and the specification set out in Annex 1. (“The Study”) with the object of determining the specific training and development requirements and preparation work required therein. In carrying out the Study the Consultant shall exercise diligence, skill and care to be expected of an expert skilled in the carrying out of such studies.

Following the study/consultancy, the Consultant will develop (where required), deliver and provide evaluation of the agreed training programme as contained in Annex 2. (“The Training Programme”)

On completion of the study/consultancy the Consultant shall deliver to the Client and or the Clients Customer a Final Report (“the Report”) outlining recommendations from “(the Study”).

The Consultant shall not assign the Contract. The Consultant shall not sub-let any of the Contract without prior consent of the Client. If the Consultant does sub-let any of his work under the Contract then he shall ensure that the subcontractor is under like obligations as himself and shall remain fully responsible for the acts and defaults of the subcontractor as if they were his own.

The Client will provide to the Consultant:
2.1 Information and documents of the Client or its customers to enable the Consultant to complete (“the Study”) and or (“the Training Programme”) contained in Annex 1 and 2;
2.2 The opportunity to discuss freely with the personnel employed by the Client or its customers or suppliers whom the Consultant reasonably requires to interview in order to carry out (“the Study”), (“the Training Programme”) and (”the Report”);
2.3 Reasonable access to the Clients or its customer’s premises provided that the Consultant’s personnel shall comply with any security or safety provisions in force at such premises.

6.1 The Consultant undertakes to keep confidential and not to disclose to any other person (except in the proper performance of his duties hereunder) either during or after the termination of this Contract any information whatsoever relating to the Client’s or it’s customers or suppliers business or any of their trade secrets or make use of the same in any manner which might be prejudicial to the Client’s interests.
6.2 If so instructed by the Client the Consultant shall require every person working on this contract to sign a separate undertaking as to confidentiality in such form as the Client may reasonably require.


7.1 The Contract Price for (“The Study”) and (“The Report”) is (by arrangement) plus vat

7.2 The Contract Price for the training design/ delivery following the report and recommendations is (by arrangement) plus vat.

7.3 The Contract expenses will be the reimbursement of a mileage allowance of, (by arrangement) pence per mile, which will be calculated from the Consultants business to the Clients, and or Clients customers address and return journey.

7.4 7 The Contract expenses will also include (where required) the re-charging of any hotel accommodation/costs/meals to (“the client”) used by (“the consultant”) in order to carry out the contract.

8.1 A 30% deposit, plus vat, of the total contracted price (excluding initial expenses) is paid in advance of the start of the contract. The remaining 70%, plus vat, is invoiced at completion of the programme.
8.2 Payment for “Open Courses” is to be made in full, plus vat, in advance of the said workshop along with an official booking form.
8.2 The Consultant shall be paid within 14 days of the receipt by the Client of an invoice which the Contractor was entitled to submit.
8.3 The Consultant shall provide such evidence in support of his invoice as the Client may reasonably require.

9.1 The Client shall be entitled to vary the scope of (“the Study”) and the information to be provided in (“the Report”) or (“the Training Programme”). If the Client proposes to make such a variation he shall so inform the Consultant and request the Consultant within 14 days to advise the Client of any alteration to the Contract Price or other of the Consultant’s obligations which would result from the carrying out of the variation.

9.2 The Client shall then either:
9.2.1 instruct the Consultant in writing to proceed with the variation with such amendments to the Contract Price and the Consultant’s obligations as the parties may agree; or 9.2.2 Withdraw the variation

10.1 The Client shall be entitled at any time and for any reason to terminate the Contract in writing to the Consultant. Provided that such termination is not due to any default by the Consultant the Client shall pay the Consultant:
10.1.1 For any Study/consultancy/design and preparation, Training Programme or expenses incurred up to the notice date.
10.1.2 for Study/Consultancy/design and preparation and Training Programme diarised in the future as follows:

  60 Days prior Nil cancellation fee
  60 – 31 days prior 30% of the Contract Price
  30 – 15 days prior 60% of the Contract Price
  14 days or less 100% of the Contract Price

10.1.3 Termination for “Open Courses” does not apply as delegate fees are paid in full and in advance of the workshop/s attended.

Postponement – will be charged at £125 plus vat per day.