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Leading, Managing and Building High Performing Teams

  The Successful Guaranteed Management Criteria.

  • Defining the criteria for success, skill, knowledge, behaviour and attitude.
  • Understanding why its important to have the right attitude, beliefs and mind - set about managing people.
  • Identify your current beliefs and conditioning about managing people.
  • Being out of your "Comfort Zone" is a good thing!
  • The key criteria for a "High Performing Team".

The Difference between Leadership and Management.

  • Developing leadership attributes.
  • When to lead and when to manage.
  • Understanding the difference between leadership and management.

How Teams are Formed and Maintained.

  • What do "High Performing Teams" do that average performing teams don't?
  • The stages of team development and on-going maintenance.
  • Your team members preferred role and personality types.