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What is Selling - Relationship Building Selling and gaining customers for life

The Next Level of Sales Competence.

  • What are customers expectations of modern sales professionals?
  • What key attributes do modern sales professionals require?

Skills, Knowledge and Attitude.

  • What is your current attitude or belief about: Your product, pricing, customers, competitors?
  • What do you have in common with elephants?

What is your core sales proposition?

  • The product surround concept.
  • Identifying the customer value propositions that surround your core offering.

Your customers Buying Process.

  • What "Blockers" and Influencers are getting in the way of your deal? - do you know?
  • Use "Buying Decision" questions to help the customer to buy from you.

Strategy and Planning.

  • Identifying and segmenting your marketplace.
  • Know your competitons weaknesses.
  • Planning and preparing a territory.

Professional Persuading and Influencing Skills.

  • Establishing key outcomes for your call.
  • Fact finding and creating need for your products or services.

Professional Presentations.

  • The basic rules of presenting your offer.
  • Selling the value and benefits of your offer.

Handling Resistance and Objections.

  • Identifying the different types of resistance.
  • Tips and techniques.

Negotiating to Win.

  • Understand the power role in negotiating.
  • Understand yours and your customers "tradeables"

Close - Follow Up - Asking for Referrals.

  • Only non-sales people cannot close.
  • Closing is easy when you have built a sound relationship.